Dell FX2 Blade Software iSCSI Adapters not persistent on reboot


I recently had an issue with some Dell FX2 Blade Software iSCSI Adapters that were not persistent on a reboot.  This meant, every time the host was rebooted we had to go in and manually recreate the iSCSI adapter so the hosts could see storage.  Obviously, that is not a solution.  The blades are running the latest version of ESXi 6.0 and all drivers on the blades are up to date as well, with no affect on the behavior.  After a bit of research I discovered parameters for the bnx2fc adapters.  One named bnx2fc_autodiscovery, which is the parameter to control auto FCoE discovery during system boot is what I was after.  By default this is set to disabled which is why the adapters are not showing up after the host is rebooted.

FX2 Blade Chassis


The command to see these parameters is:

esxcli system module parameters list -m bnx2fc

This will show you what they are currently set to, and next to bnx2fc_autodiscovery you will see it is blank, meaning it’s disabled.  In order to enable it, you run the following:

esxcli system module parameters set module bnx2fc parameterstring bnx2fc_autodiscovery=1
Software iSCSI Adapter Autodiscovery
You will see now that it is set to 1, meaning that autodiscovery is enabled and your software iSCSI adapters will be found automatically after a reboot.  Reboot the host and verify your adapter comes back up as expected.  This issue has not been documented in any Dell or VMware KBs to my knowledge.
I hope this helps anyone else having an issue.